Nutella swirl cupcakes

I’ve been playing around with a few different recipes for Nutella cupcakes over the past month, and yesterday I finally had some time to not only bake a batch, but to also take some photos as well, which is good news for everyone as it now means I can now share them with you! The […]

Raspberry, macadamia and white chocolate muffins

So after disappearing for almost a month without any warning, I come bearing gifts… these gorgeous Raspberry, macadamia and white chocolate muffins.  I hope they can in part make up for my extended absence!?! I’ve been dreaming of these muffins for the last couple of weeks and looking forward to reclaiming some time in the […]

Banana Loaf

Bananas.  Love them or hate them?  I don’t know about you, but generally I’m not a fussy eater.  When it comes to fruit though, and bananas in particular, I do become perhaps a little fussier than the average person.  My bananas can’t be too green, but then, they can’t be too ripe either… its a […]

Almond crescents

My mother has a fantastic recipe for Almond crescents, which for some reason I found myself craving last weekend.  She hasn’t baked them in an incredibly long time, so I’ve no idea why my craving for them set in so strongly over the weekend. I’ve never made them myself before, and unfortunately for me I […]

Chocolate and cinnamon rolls

Last week I took a last minute trip to Melbourne to visit family.  I had a great time and, for the better part of my visit, the weather was typically hot and dry for this time of year.  But on the final few days, the weather took a bit of a turn and it was […]

Quick berry tart

It’s a particularly grey and gloomy view from my window today.  It’s also Wednesday, hump day, and I seem to have a case of the mid-week blues. So to make a somewhat grey Wednesday a little brighter… well, at least for the berry lovers amongst us, I thought I’d share this quick berry tart with […]

Seasons greetings and some divine shortbread

Before I sign off for the remainder of the festive season, I just wanted to wish everyone out there celebrating Christmas a very Merry Christmas and to the rest of my readers, Happy Holidays to you!  I hope you and your loved ones all have a wonderful time over the coming days. Here’s another little […]

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