Green bean salad, with toasted almonds

Green beans. French beans. String beans. Snap beans. Ejitos. Call them what will.  Fact is, I love them.  Thought to have originated from Peru, the humble green bean has spread to pretty much every corner of the modern world. Testament to its versatility and popularity.  It is also a great source of folate, fibre and […]

Pork cutlets with cucumber salad and sweet chilli dressing

So as a continuation of my commitment to healthy eating this month, I thought I’d share with you all a lovely light meal I prepared this week – pork cutlets served with a cucumber salad and chilli dressing.  It’s relatively simple to prepare and I love that it’s light but satisfying, not to mention wholesomely […]

Fresh watermelon juice

Here’s an idea for a quick and refreshing mid-week treat for those of you feeling the heat! Icy cold, freshly crushed watermelon juice.  So simple. So good! You don’t really need a recipe for this one, as all it involves is putting some diced seedless watermelon (I had plenty left over after making watermelon granita […]

Tasty tabbouleh

I love salads. This might be a little surprising, given the conspicuous absence of any salads here on A Sweet Muddle before today, but I do.  I love making them. I love creating new variations of them. And of course, I love eating them. When it comes to salads, the options are endless.  Along with […]

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