A sojourn in Singapore

Not only does today mark the start a new calendar month, but it also marks the passing of the first half of the year… Is anyone else a little astonished by this fact?  Back when I was a child and summer holidays seemed to last a lifetime, I found it impossible to understand the bewilderment […]

Chocolate tart for your sweetheart

Happy Valentine’s Day my friends! This here is a special little something from me to you.  Whether you’re planning on spending a romantic evening with your special someone, or a whole bunch of special someones, this Chocolate tart is a sure fire way to set the scene this Valentine’s Day.  It certainly ticks all the […]

Mango semifreddo

When it comes to favourites, I’m one of those annoying people who for want of a better a name is a bit of a fence sitter. Whether I’m asked to name my favourite restaurant, place in the world, or even meal, my usual answer is… “It depends”,  which is shortly followed by me rattling off […]

Sightseeing in Melbourne

It’s been a good while now since I’ve posted something non-food related here on A Sweet Muddle, but since mentioning my recent trip to Melbourne, I’ve had a few requests of some snapshots, so here goes… I absolutely loved exploring and losing myself in Melbourne’s vibrant laneways… Only to find myself at Movida.  The perfect […]

Pancake Day

Today’s not just any day of the week, it’s Pancake Day!  The one day in the year when you’ve a legitimate excuse to eat pancakes for breakfast, lunch and/or tea.  Somehow I forgot this small snippet of information when I woke this morning, so missed out on pancakes for breakfast, but managed to whip up […]

Valentine’s Day Antipasto platter

It’s Valentine’s Day today, so to all the lovebirds out there, I hope you have a great day.   Whether you’re spending the evening with your Valentine, or just your wonderful self, this gorgeous antipasto platter is a perfect dish for a special Friday night in.  

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