Chocolate candy cane cookies

Let’s talk candy cane for a moment. There’s something about this festive treat that makes it irresistible at this time of year. I can’t decide whether it’s the pretty ruby-red and white stripes or its pepperminty goodness that makes it so appealing. Whatever it is, candy canes have become synonymous with the holiday season and […]

Happy holidays

Happy holidays my friends!  I hope you’re all having a wonderful time with your loved ones this festive season. So what have you been sharing at your family table? This year our Christmas meal was a real family effort, with everyone pitching in to make the most wonderful (not to mention indulgent) of Christmas feasts. […]

Seasons greetings and some divine shortbread

Before I sign off for the remainder of the festive season, I just wanted to wish everyone out there celebrating Christmas a very Merry Christmas and to the rest of my readers, Happy Holidays to you!  I hope you and your loved ones all have a wonderful time over the coming days. Here’s another little […]

Christmas Rocky Road

When I was living in the UK, I joined a book club with a great bunch of people who quickly became good friends.  We’d pick a book.  Meet every six weeks or so. Talk about the book. Our likes and dislikes. And when we were finished, we’d rate the book out of five.  The evenings […]