Valentine’s Day Antipasto platter

Antipasto platterIt’s Valentine’s Day today, so to all the lovebirds out there, I hope you have a great day.  

Whether you’re spending the evening with your Valentine, or just your wonderful self, this gorgeous antipasto platter is a perfect dish for a special Friday night in.  

Antipasto platter

I think the most important thing to remember if you’re tempted to make an antipasto platter is to keep it simple!

As tempting as it is to fill that plate with more and more yummy flavours, don’t do it!  Antipasto simply means “before the meal” in Italian, so unless you’re planning on making it your whole meal, don’t serve up more than you can eat.

Antipasto platterFor this platter, I’ve used some prosciutto, semi-sundried tomatoes, marinated olives (I used a mix of Sicilian and kalamata), bocconcini, fresh figs, and some bread sticks.   Feel free to mix it up a bit, but when making your selection, remember to keep in mind which flavours and colours will compliment each other (and which ones wont!)

Now, the only thing missing is a glass of wine (recommended) and perhaps your Valentine (optional).


Antipasto platter

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  1. Nadia
    14/02/2014 at 10:21 am (10 years ago)

    Great idea Rach, I might just do this! xx


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