Granola parfait

Breakfast parfait with home-made granola

Several weeks ago now I was inspired to make my own granola bars after my favourite store bought variety were out of stock for not one, but TWO weeks in a row!  Given I had all the essential ingredients at home in my pantry, how hard could it be?   Well, it turns out they’re […]

Roast pumpkin & radiccio salad

Roast pumpkin and radicchio salad

I was recently doing a bit of spring cleaning and came across a pile of recipes that, long before the invention of Pinterest, had caught my eye and I’d torn out of various magazines with the intention of giving them a try.  Hands up if you’re guilty of tearing out (and more recently pinning or […]

Cottage pie

Cottage pie

Sometimes there’s nothing more comforting than a good, hearty pie.  And today is one of those days when I wish I was tucking into one of these gorgeous mini cottage pies for dinner… perhaps with a nice drop of red to help wash it down! It’s a couple of months ago now since I cooked […]

Sauteed mushrooms with creamy polenta

Sautéed mushrooms with creamy polenta

Being winter here in Sydney, unsurprisingly I’ve had a craving for hearty, comfort food and over the past few months I’ve made a few of my ‘go to’ comfort foods… including some lovely soups and stews.  But earlier this month I was feeling a little bored with the usual fare, so turned to my collection […]

St Kilda Pier

Sightseeing in Melbourne

It’s been a good while now since I’ve posted something non-food related here on A Sweet Muddle, but since mentioning my recent trip to Melbourne, I’ve had a few requests of some snapshots, so here goes… I absolutely loved exploring and losing myself in Melbourne’s vibrant laneways… Only to find myself at Movida.  The perfect […]

Pepperoni, feta and mint pizza

Home-made pizza with pepperoni, feta & mint

A couple of weeks ago now, I spent a long weekend in Melbourne visiting my brother and his family.  I had a wonderful time while I was there.  Time spent with the family, sightseeing and visiting some of the amazing restaurants and cafes the city has to offer like this and this was good for […]

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